"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one"

About vx.ro

I am a short time swing trader and I wrote this CFD screener for my own trading, out of frustration of flipping countless hours the charts and not finding a straightforward and free screener.

I called this screener "VX", the short from "Visual indeX". So nothing to do with volatility, VIX or something. Just a "visual index".

My trading universe is any CFD that moves in both directions, irrespective of the underlying instrument, either fx, stocks from both EU/US markets, and indices, so this screener is about these instruments only. The current CFD selection is around 250 instruments among those trending well, vaccinated and potty trained.

As a swing trader so I am mostly interested about the trend, the recent impulse move, the correction and finally about any signs of the original trend resuming back. I wrote the screener with these ideas in mind.

VX is updated every hour, Monday-Friday and it shows values relevant to the hourly and daily timeframes, marked in each column as such (H1, D1).

Since this is a screener and not an indicator or a blackbox or coffee maker or crystal globe it does not give "trade signals" or mechanical entries, but shows a simple list of markets open right now, together with a few sorting criteria. It helps me to avoid flipping every hour through the charts and to have at a glance most of the information I need.

If you find this screener useful feel free to use it as you see fit.

If you have questions, suggestions, constructive criticism or just want to say hi you can find me on Telegram or Twitter.

Yes, the screener is really free and it stays that way. No, it's not for sale.

Enjoy and happy trading!